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Workshops that we offer.


ACTFL 2013 workshop

Julie and I will be offering a workshop at ACTFL 2013 in Orlando, Florida, on Thursday Nov. 21. If you’re going, please consider joining us.

W21 | Gamification for Language Learning
Can video games be of value for learning languages? Participants who are curious, unsure, or excited about online games and their role in the classroom will benefit by exploring the potential of gamification to enhance language learning. Experience and analyze a variety of software that has been successfully implemented in language classrooms, develop game-enhanced activities that are useful for language learning, and discuss ways games and game-informed principles may be useful in your own teaching and learning context.


CERCLL Workshop a Success!

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our CERCLL workshop, featuring much of the content from the Games to Teach project.  We had a total of 18 face-to-face participants and 6 remotely attending from across the United States.  The participants taught Spanish, English, French, German, and library studies at a variety of different levels.  We loved working with everyone! All worked hard and had a lot of fun.

We began our two-day journey by playing a variety games, becoming familiar with both their content and behaviors.  We then explored ways in which various aspects of vernacular games might be evaluated and repurposed for use in L2TL.  We then discussed game-enhanced activity design and creation for L2TL and closed with a discussion of the design and implementation of game-based environments.  Along the way participants were given materials to take with them and given time to work on game-informed project for their classrooms.  We shared many ideas as a group and learned a great deal from the participants as well.

A few comments from workshop attendees include:

“I enjoyed the time to research games and try them out.  I liked the list of resources that was provided.  The company was great and the presenters were knowledgeable.”

“I gained a whole lot more than what I expected. I did not realize that it was going to be this intense. I did not expect gaming to be educational. This was a surprise to me and I am excited about this new found knowledge and can’t wait to share this information with my colleagues and students.”

“I have actually started using the Tesoros game to improve my son’s language skills in Spanish (he currently has strong listening skills but does not speak).  I will also recommend it to my online students and will try to find a way to incorporate it (or another game) into my online course. “

We also gained a lot from participants about what they would like to see next time as well as suggestions they see for the G2T project.  The primary addition to the G2T project, stemming from the workshop, is the addition of a games database highlighting various vernacular games that are especially appropriate for L2TL.  If you have any suggestions for the database, feel free to send them our way!

Thanks to all who participated!  We are looking forward to next year!

-J. Sykes & J. Reinhardt