New Addition to our Downloadable Classroom Activities: Quandary

Hello all,

There is a new classroom activity now available for download: Quandary for the Language Classroom. This resource is a set of intermediate-level activities surrounding the game Quandary.

The game involves decision-making surrounding a series of moral and social dilemmas. Learners must solve in-game issues by collaborating and interacting with the game characters, and try to keep peace within the futuristic society of the Planet Braxos. Quandary is a free game that can be played in-browser on the web, on iPads, and on Android tablets. Even more thrilling, however, is the number of languages it supports. If your device is set to the target language, then the game can be played in English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

The activities we’ve created utilize a variety of modes to augment typical game play. Learners will not only play through the game, but they will also be asked to analyze the language being used, collaborate with peers, and think critically about their own community.

Go check out the new classroom activity for yourself!

-The Games2Teach Team

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