Games2Teach: Where games and language learning meet

We believe that games can challenge and motivate learners to use language in meaningful, productive ways. Studies have shown that game-based approaches to learning develop social skills, improve deep knowledge, and provide better outcomes for learners. Originally designed by Dr. Jonathon Reinhardt from the University of Arizona and Dr. Julie Sykes from the University of Oregon, this site exists as a resource to aid both instructors and learners interested in accessing the benefits that games offer for language learning.

We provide several different areas for you to explore:

  • Learn what is new in the field of game-mediated learning and pedagogy by reading blog posts from a host of international collaborators.
  • Download practical classroom activities, evaluations of games for use in language learning, and other insightful publications free of charge.
  • Expand your knowledge of game-based learning by discovering everything from scholarly journals to free downloadable games.