New Searchable Games Database Goes Live!

Hello all,

We’ve been hard at work compiling a database of useful games to challenge and motivate learners to use language in complex, meaningful ways, and it has finally gone live! Simply go to the ‘Explore’ tab, and click on ‘Search Games’ in the drop-down menu. From there, you can scroll down to see a detailed list of all the games we have playtested and evaluated. You can also filter your search based on a number of different factors, from target language and proficiency level to game platform and price, to find games based on your criteria.

We wanted to start the new year off with something fresh on Games2Teach, so we are happy to finally share this database with you all. A very special thank you to Dan White and Jordan Lewis for researching all the games as well as putting the database into a searchable format on our website. Your work is greatly appreciated!

We will continue to build off of what we have to make an even more extensive database. If you have any good suggestions of games to add or ways to improve the database, please leave a comment below. We are eager to add more to our already growing list of analog and digital games to play!

-The Games2Teach Team

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