New Site for Gaming and Pragmatics

Hello all,

A new website has been created, which seeks to provide a focal point for all things gaming and pragmatics. From empirical evidence to sample activities, scholarly articles to overviews of various digital and analog games, this Tumblr site is a great resource for anyone who wants to research gaming pragmatics or even use games in their own classrooms. Some of the featured games include ‘Clash of Clans,’ a free iOS/Android game, ‘Coup,’ a very quick bluffing/hidden-roles game, and even ‘Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.’

The link is provided here:

More posts to come!

6 thoughts on “New Site for Gaming and Pragmatics

  1. Miakel Nelson

    Thank you for sharing this Tumblr! I have an assignemt on Gaming and I really needed a great resource. Thank you a ton for sharing it. I really like the insights that they provide.

    1. Games2Teach Admin Post author

      You’re welcome! Our goal is to always keep abreast with current resources for language learning; and we will continue to share those resources here.

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